About us

Frost Company is committed in delivering high quality, natural and certified herbs, essential oils,  and others. We grow and collect a variety of herbs native in Mediterranean area as well as forest fruits and mushrooms.

The company is founded in year 1996 with wide diversity of activities, we are inspired in nature and it’s great power.

We are export oriented, each year expanding our volume of exports due to great potential of local farmers and nature itself in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to produce high quality natural products, supported with quality certificates and inspired by nature.

Our Vision is to be a reliable partner for companies worldwide, best known by quality of its products.

We care about quality & certification

Frost Company is inspired by nature, in the land filled with natural resources; we offer fine selected natural products featured with high quality, freshness and with great respect for nature.

This is why we choose to be certified producer, equipped with modern distillery facility and highest standards in production.

Our Certificates

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Collaboration with local farmers

Frost Company collaborates with local farmers encouraging them to recognize all benefits of high quality and certified production of herbs, forest fruits and mushrooms.

Together with our partners we build strong network of organized production and active support for new farmers.

Blidinje - Nature Park

“Blidinje” Nature Park – highlight of nature in north Herzegovina

In the northern part of Herzegovina, between mountains Vran and Čvrsnica, is situated beautiful Blidinje Nature Park.

Due to the geomorphological features, the wealth of plant and animal life and the beautiful landscapes of 1995, Blidinje was declared a park of nature.

The lowest point of the park at an altitude of 1184 meters a.s.l. makes a geomorphological monument of nature – Blidinje Lake – by which the Park was named. The natural resources of the Park include a rich forest reserve, hiking trails and especially the highest peak Pločno on Čvrsnica Mountain on 2228 meters a.s.l.


Frost Company has a legal concession for picking wild grown herbs within Blidinje Nature Park, in a sustainable manner in accordance with Regulations. These herbs are extremely high-quality wild herbs, growing in a clean and unpolluted area with rich soil properties and a favorable climate for high quality herbs.