Project Helichrysum

Our immortelle plantation “Terra Rossa” is located on a wide hill with beautiful panoramic view on the surroundings: small village Zvirići near Ljubuški and near famous waterfall Kravica, also near by, only 10km away, is located a well-known pilgrimage destination – Međugorje.

Our plantage, red-land soil (lat. terra rossa) and sunlit Herzegovina provide us with organic essential oil of immortelle (lat. Helichrysum italicum), letting its beauty burst during harvesting season with gold-yellow flowers all around.

Gallery of images

Check out our immortelle plantation “Terra Rossa” located on a hill with panoramic view on the surroundings, just before harvest.

Our Distillery

Our distillery facility is located directly on our immortelle plantage ”Terra Rossa”. It is equipped with new modern technology and highest standards accompanying our distillation processes.