Meet Herzegovina – sunny region along Adriatic Sea

Herzegovina occupies a relatively small area, ca. 12.000 km², where the inhabitants enjoy the benefits of the warm mediterranean climate and access to the Adriatic Sea and only one short ride away, one can enjoy the mountain region and fresh air, and skiing in winter.

It is a unique region in south-eastern Europe within Bosnia and Herzegovina and the central part of the European continent.

Herzegovina is indeed a unique micro-location with plenty sunny days where the mediterranean and continental climates intertwine and where the winters are mild, and the summers are very hot. The mountain range in northern Herzegovina enables the mediterranean climate and hot temperatures to prevail for the most part of the year, which, together with the fertile cast soil, creates the perfect conditions for growing plants like immortelle (Helichrysum italicum).

Međugorje – the catholic pilgrim shrine

Nearby Ljubuški and our Terra Rossa plantation, only 5 km away, lies the main Catholic spiritual centre, and special place, counting numerous pilgrim visits who come with the desire to foster their spiritual vigour.


Kravice waterfall – one of natural resources in Herzegovina

There are numerous natural landmarks in the Herzegovina region, and nearby our Terra Rossa plantation the gorgeous Kravice waterfall can be found – a gift of nature, where the 150-meter wide Trebižat river plunges down from a 30-meter height.

The magnificent view at the Kravice waterfall and the natural waterfall pools are indeed breath-taking. They are equally attractive during all seasons of the year, whereby in the summer, one may take a swim in the natural surroundings.

Besides the waterfall, yet another natural resource can be explored – caves with stalactites, which clearly reflect the force of nature and water, and whose formation took thousands of years. One might enjoy a canoe ride or the local gastronomy in the intact nature along the waterfall sounds.